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How to Own Instagram – Like A Boss

Are you trying to figure out how to own Instagram? Are you struggling to grow your following? It’s not terribly hard, just follow the steps outlined below go grow your instagram followers.
Follow These Four Simple Steps to Grow Your Instagram Followers | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration

A few days ago I hit 30,000 followerson my instagram account! I cannot believe that within 39 weeks (yes, it was like gestating a baby) I went from a handful of followers to 30,000!!! It’s just mind-boggling to me. Through research and trial and error of course, I found that a few things helped my account grow exponentially.

1. Post content that stays true to your account

Yes, of course you have cute kids, but if you’re trying to lead people to your blog about healthy eating, don’t post pictures of your kids at the beach. New followers are looking for a cohesive feed. If you really want to post pictures of your kids, open a separate personal instagram account that your family and friends can follow.
Here’s an example of an account with a cohesive theme.

Follow These Four Simple Steps to Grow Your Instagram Followers | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration

2. Post a LOT, particularly when you’re first starting

Now, I’m not talking about 20+ images a day, that would get old real quick, but definitely post multiple times each day.

I recently took a course on how to improve instagram following and the instructor said to post 1-3 images each day. The idea being that any more than that and you would overrun your followers’ feeds with content, they’d get annoyed, and unfollow you. In my experience, I would say 1-3 images is a bit on the low side. When you’re first trying to get started, there’s no reason why you can’t post 4, 5, 6 images each day. As long as they stay true to your theme (see #1 above). Don’t post any old image just to grow your feed, however. There’s been times when I posted six images in one day and I gained 400+ followers just that day.

It’s a good idea to create a solid instagram presence when you’re first starting out. Once you get thousands of followers, it’s ok to slow down posting a bit. By that time, chances are your followers will go directly to your account for content, rather than just waiting for your images to pop up in their feed.

3. Post quality images

People on instagram tag me all the time, inviting me to repost their content. Even if the content of the image is amazing and aligns perfectly with my target audience, I will not post it if the image is blurry or has bad lighting. There are apps out there like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Snapseed (which I LOVE) that can help you tune your images – adjust things like brightness and saturation. However, if your original image is blurry or low-resolution, there’s not enough tuning in the world that will help.
The good news is, most phones have cameras that take great pictures. Just make sure you take the picture in a spot with good lighting – preferably natural light from a window (bathrooms are great for diffused lighting) and keep your hand still. Or invest in a camera tripod like the one from Kobra Tech
Even when I first began my account ages ago (ok, 9 months ago) I always gussied up my photos before posting. Now remember, these are my earliest attempts.

So the photo on the left is my first attempt and the photo on the right is the one that I ultimately posted to instagram. It’s not perfect, but the improved lighting and colorful background make that photo more interesting. That was 9 months ago.

Now my feed contains images such as this one from @onki_art

Follow These Four Simple Steps to Grow Your Instagram Followers | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration


4. Have fun!

No, seriously, I mean it. If you don’t love what you post on Instagram, no one else will. I am constantly amazed and inspired by all that I find and post on Instagram. And that’s exactly how I curate images. As I’m scrolling through, I focus on the images that catch my eye and those are the accounts I follow and choose to feature.

Have you found Instagram success following any of the steps above? What about other Instagram tips and tricks? Sound off in the comments below.

***Updated – If you’d like to see how I’ve now grown my Instagram account to almost 150k followers, check out @showmeyourplanner

If you’d like to see how to track your social media stats in a bullet journal, check out my post, here.

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  1. I came here for a weekly update! And saw this Instagram post!” stay true to the content” Love it! i like enjoy coming here exploring things ;]

  2. You might be my first regular “customer”. I’ve found that for Instagram, it’s so important to keep my posts consistent. Followers like to know what to expect from my feed. Thanks Elaine!

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