Astonishing Bullet Journal Dailies

A.K.A. Bullet Journal Daily Logs

On my Instagram sister site, @showmeyourplanner, the question I get asked the most is


As with trying anything new, beginning a new bullet journal can be intimidating. There are a ton of conflicting resources out there telling you what bullet journal elements you should use or shouldn’t use. And the truth is, you do what’s right for you.

For this series, I’ve chosen the key elements for bullet journaling and will explain them in detail, and of course, provide you with lots of gorgeous inspiration from my favorite bullet journal accounts. I’ve organized the posts in this series in the order in which I use them, but feel free to click through the posts in any order that you like.

  1. Bullet Journal Index 
  2. Bullet Journal Key
  3. Bullet Journal Future Log
  4. Bullet Journal Monthly Planning
  5. Bullet Journal Weekly Logs or Weekly Spreads
  6. Bullet Journal Dailies (you’re here!)

Let’s Jump Right in – Bullet Journal Dailies

While I don’t use bullet journal dailies myself in my bullet journal, most bullet journal groupies use them. Ryder Carroll, the original bullet journal creator calls it Logging. I choose to use a weekly spread instead because I like to see all I have to do on a two page spread rather than flipping pages.

Here’s one of my weekly spreads. I’m able to write down everything I need to get through my week on these two pages. If you’re looking for another way to organize your bullet journal, check out my post on creating a Bullet Journal Weekly Log.

However, many others LOVE to write down everything they do or need to do during the day (hence, the term “daily” or plural “dailies”).


The examples you see below are much fancier than my own bullet journal but each one serves a specific purpose and brings peace to the planner that created it.  I hope you will find some inspiration for your own dailies here.


On bullet journal dailies, you may see a time tracker like this one from @pureplanning_bymj.

Many like to track their water intake, like @writingbravely does here.

Most bullet journal dailies use some sort of key and color coding to organize to-dos and appointments.

Those Staedtler pens, by the way are my absolute fave!

@bossgirlbujo  keeps it simple, but adds a few pops of color in her bullet journal daily.

Astonishing Bullet Journal Dailies | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration
(account no longer active)

This spread from @pages2plans is a great example of a more traditional bullet journal daily: the header or date and boxes for tasks that need to happen.

The Staedtler Fineliners are my absolute FAVE pens to color in my bullet journal. Find the Staedtlers on Amazon!

Love the blue and orange from @librariana

The Sakura Micron Pens you see above are what I use for writing in my bullet journal. Find a 3-pack of Sakura Micron pens on Amazon!

Here, @bulletjournal94 uses a time tracker and color coding to record her tasks throughout the day.

Astonishing Bullet Journal Dailies | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration
(this Instagram account no longer exists)

If you have a really busy schedule, maybe try writing out your entire schedule just like @jackieplans.

Add Some Doodles To Your Dailies

I love @thatjournal’s take on the bullet journal daily. She keeps it simple, adding just a few cute doodles.

@nicoles.journal loves to add creative and colorful headers to her bullet journal dailies.

If  a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook is not your style, and want a more of a traditional planner feel, try a discbound planner like @nicoles.journal uses. Find Happy Planner Discbound Planers on Amazon!

If you’d like to track the food you eat throughout the day, @greenishplanning found a way to do it.

Truly Artistic Bullet Journal Dailies

Here’s another bullet journal daily that uses a combination of words and pictures to note what will happen that day.

If you are looking for an alternative to the Staedtler pens, the Stabilo Fine Point set of 30 are also an excellent choice.

Next, it’s beginning to look a lot like Spring in this beautiful daily from @tosiakowo.

The ONLY notebook I use for my bullet journal is a Leuchtturm 1917. See the gorgeous blue that @greenishplanning is using? Find that blue Leuchtturm 1917 on Amazon!

Below, you’ll find hand lettering inspiration. Check out these gorgeous dailies from @studykouffee.

Astonishing Bullet Journal Dailies | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration
(account is no longer active)

The super cool suction cut-looking pens above are called artline stix and are all the rage. Grab your own set of Artline Stix on Amazon. And, if you’re interested in trying to handletter, I suggest getting a starter pack of Tombow Dual Brush Pens on Amazon!

Lots of planners add the weather forecast to their bullet journal dailies.

Another great choice for black pens are Faber Castell. Find a variety pack of Faber Castell pens on Amazon!

@billowandcrest adds a gorgeous botanical header to her bullet journal dailiy.

And, I love the combination of text and doodles here from @crafthippy.

@bujo_nina here uses beautifully simple headers and a zentangle feather to add a little bling.

Astonishing Bullet Journal Dailies | Zen of Planning | Planner Peace and Inspiration

Love the wire clips that @bujo_nina and @teachplancraft use in their planners? Find these gorgeous Mini Binder Clips in Rose Gold on Amazon!

Could this dragon-themed spread from @teachplancraft be any more adorable? Because, you know, #dragonsarereal.

Bullet Journal Dailies as a Scrapbook

There are other very talented souls that use their bullet journal dailies as a sort of scrapbook – how beautiful!

Whew! How about that for planner peace and inspiration? Did I forget your favorite example of Bullet Journal Dailies? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be glad to check them out!

Does your bullet journal need a little boost? Spice it up with these bullet journal daily logs.


If you’d like to see more bullet journal ideas, check out my Bullet Journal board on pinterest.

Happy Planning!


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