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The Perfect Bullet Journal Key

Find Planning Peace with the Perfect Bullet Journal Key Keeping an organized to-do list and appointments in your journal or planner can be daunting. Once you start writing everything down  – personal appointments, work meetings, soccer practice – your pages can get jumbled and disorganized. That’s why creating the perfect Bullet Journal KEY is imperative. Bullet […]

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Inspiration

Organize Your Life with Bullet Journal Weeklies Let’s start with a quick explanation of where bullet journal weekly spreads fit into the grand scheme of things. I’d say after the all-important future planning spreads for your bullet journal, weekly spreads are a close second. I personally don’t use daily spreads, because my weeklies do all the […]

Pop Up Tracker

Meet Janina – the Creator of the Pop Up Tracker Planner friends – I’m so excited! I have the first guest contributor here at Zen of Planning – Janina, the creator of the Pop Up Tracker. Meet Janina: “Let me see, a few things about me…  My name is Janina, I’m 38 years old and […]

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Organize Your Life with Bullet Journal Weeklies – #2! I found so many beautiful examples of bullet journal weekly spread ideas, I had to create two posts! For the original post with a brief explanation of weekly layouts, check out my bullet journal weekly layout post. Keep it Simple with Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads The […]

Keep Track of Books to Read in Your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are amazing for people that love collections. Simply put, collections pages dedicated to a list of items you want to remember. It can be restaurants you want to try, moves to watch, or vacations you’d like to take. PIN ME! Bullet Journal Book Tracker When I first began my bullet journal journey, I was […]

Bullet Journal Tracker

Hold Yourself Accountable by Adding a Bullet Journal Tracker If you’d like to create a bullet journal tracker you’ve come to the right place. Pin Me! A tracker, whether it be a gratitude tracker, habit tracker, spending tracker, is not a necessary part of your bullet journal, but many bullet journalists love to add them […]